Wednesday, October 20, 2010

This site is moving ! ! !

Soooooo I can't look after 2 blogs. One is tough enough....

So I'm merging Musik response into media response....

Soooooo get over to please and follow that instead!!!

thanks for the support - see you at the new improved site....

Saturday, October 2, 2010

This site now has a younger brother..

Please go check out this sites new younger brother....

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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

New-ish Album - The Arcade Fire "The Suburbs"

I'll admit it. The hype and the hype alone drove me to check out this album. Hype is something i NEVER believe. So I suspected this album would be average at best. Boy was I wrong haha..

This album is magnificent.

From the first track, "The Suburbs" it's sublime. The opener is a plodding piano and acoustic driven beauty. The lyrics are very sad, talking about having a daughter "before this damage is done", referring to the state of the planet I'm guessing. I literally cannot listen to this track once, it HAS to be twice in a row. Next to hit you is "Ready To Start", which is another total cracker. The tempo is raised but the melodies are still just beautiful, almost euphoric. If I was religious I'd swear this track was sent from god , just for me. Another piano driven track is "Deep Blue" with eclectic backing vocals and ghostly sounds. This record has it all, "Half Light II" is almost electronic. "We used To Wait" deserves a mention also, another pounder. Love it.

This album is acoustic, electric, eclectic, emotional, up-lifting and a downer all in one.
If you love music.
You need this record.

Own it ASAP. Please

Below are fan vids for my 2 fave trax off this album - "The Suburbs" and "Ready To Start"

Saturday, September 25, 2010

I'm Slack - Fact...

Well, We've moved country again, back down under in Auckland.
Will be expanding the site i hope very soon to maybe feature a movie and TV section...With rambling about TV and my current fave and not so fave films... thanks for the patience if anyone has noticed We've not been around haha...

Monday, August 9, 2010

Flashback - Weezer "Buddy Holly"

One of the greatest music videos ever? yes.

Monday, August 2, 2010

As promised - My Eels Top 6

After threatening it for a while now i've finally got my Eels Top 6. It was a tough one as I love so many Eels tracks. That's why it's a Top 6 and not a normal 5.

In no particular order.

1 - "Railroad Man" from the album "Blinking Lights and Other Revelations" 2005
Quite possibly my all time fave Eels track. From the fade in at the start when a sparkling guitar and a chug-a-long brushed drum pattern rise into ear-shot, you know this has all the makings of a wonderful piece. Once E starts singing the blues aspect emerges. The reason i say blues is due to the content of the words, like E is living in the wrong time, and he feels out of place. This track has to be played a couple of times, that melodic guitar just needs to be heard over and over... Video below (fan video i believe)

2 - "Numbered Days" from the album "Shootenanny!" 2003
A builder this one. Starts nice and quite with some wonderful full band sections throughout. Splashy cymbals and cute, melodic pianos !! my fave!! I'm a sucker for that. Add the plodding guitar and the recipe is complete for a great Eels track. I suspect this is about a break up. No vid for this, but found a stream of it, below. Enjoy.

3 - "If You See Natalie" from the album "Blinking Lights and Other Revelations" 2005
For a long time this was my fave Eels track. The Piano and vocals, which feel like they were recorded together in one take, are mesmerising. The chorus is heartbreaking. The inclusion of a String Quartet pushes the sadness levels to near breaking point. This is a beautiful song. Could be about someone in E's life who is sick of everything, and having some serious issues, but I hope not! See what you make of it....listen below.

4 - "The Look You Give That Guy" from the album "Hombre Lobo" 2009
A more upbeat sounding track here, except when you listen to the chorus lyrics. Lost love perhaps in this one.

5 - "Love Of The Loveless" from the album "Shootenanny!" 2003
A head bopping, lo-fi offering . E's best telephone vocals on this. Great Sunday afternoon mellow feel. Video below, not sure if it's an official one, but you can hear the track.

6 - "Trouble With Dreams" from the album "Blinking Lights and Other Revelations" 2005
With a spooky keyboard which sounds like horror film music, this up beat, up tempo track lifts you up even with lyrics like "trouble with dreams is they don't come true". My fave part is the outro section with a great Organ solo and a breakdown with just Drums and Bass. The track then goes nuts, and it's great. Add to that what i think is a mellotron (the choir sounding vocals) and it's a real rock out section. Fantastic. Official video below. Enjoy !!!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Fave songs RIGHT NOW !!! (BLOG IS BACK!!!)

After a not very well earned break, I'm back home in the UK after 5 years in New Zealand. Ready now to start writing again, so here goes. My fave songs at this moment in time!

In no particular order...

1 - British Sear Power "No Man Is An Archipelago"
This is the best track of this band's 2009 "Man Of Aran" album. It's a beautiful piece of music building from a quiet guitar start to a rousing chorus of choirs and violins. My wife think it sounds like Murray Gold's score from Doctor Who, which is a huge compliment as far as I'm concerned. I first heard part of this track on Top Gear funnily enough and I found a great forum in which people post what Top Gear feature used what song and that's how I found it. Unfortunately, there is no video so I can't post anything up on the blog. You'll have to go buy (or download) it. This song has to be heard to be believed.

2 - White Rabbits "Percussion Gun"
From the band's 2009 "It's Frightening" album. This drum driven track has that over and over feel and by that I mean I can listen to it over and over and over...I love it from the second the drum track kicks in. The chorus is simple and very good to sing-a-long to. Also a really nice break down mid-track with some very nice ghostly vocals.

3 - Gorillaz "Melancholy Hill"
From the latest "Plastic Beach" album, this is a nice soft track. Albarn sings from the other end of a phone line while the electronic backing track plods along. It's repetitive and slightly boring, but perfect. If that doesn't make sense to you, go listen to the track, you'll love it, I do.
Nice Hi Def video below! enjoy.

4 - Interpol "A Time To Be Small"
The final and best track on their 2004 "Antics" album. There's a theme to my fave tracks at the moment, they're all quite sad, and with soft melodies (except White Rabbits) Hhhmm wonder why that is!? The World Cup maybe? Anyway....I love this track for the lead guitar and the track overall relaxed feel. You can listen to it below. No Video though, just audio.

5 - Death In Vegas "Dirge"
A dirty piece of electro rock i guess you'd have to say. Raw guitars, haunting vocals, drum machines and live rock drums. What a mad mix. However it works. The only small issue is that I can't post the video. As this track has so many frequencies and noises in it when its coming through computer speakers it sounds like a total mess!! so go buy this also, or download or whatever. Just make sure you listen to it!!

Over and out for now.
It's good to be back!